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Per is an international marketing leader developing and executing strategies for profitable growth. Supporting large public and small private as well as Private Equity portfolio companies, he is known for total market focus and strong work ethic - the customer always comes first. He has a Kellogg MBA, and is a certified Global Business Leader.

With a track record in B2B marketing and sales, P/L management, business strategy and business development, he has worked in interesting industries - manufacturing, equipment rental, construction equipment, pumps, and Supply Chain.

Per has been around the block once or twice. Situation-based leadership and focus on execution comes from years of experience. He deals with complexity, ambiguity and lack of information every day, and works well in matrix organizations. With broad intercultural experience, he is diplomatic and humble, never driven by ego. A former Arctic Infantry officer, he greatly cares for his team, and has a bias for action!



"Great leadership requires a clear vision for the organization, and goals allowing for focus on the critical issues. Effective leaders collect data and use their analytical ability. They also know when to stop analyzing and start doing, and that results are more important than activity. The best leaders listen more than they speak, and manage through values. They care about, and for, their employees -like we do in the military where "officers eat last"

Not all companies are created equal. Some grow and prosper, others stand next to the tar pit, waiting to die and fall in. Successful companies have a good understanding of the unmet needs of their target segments and customers. They create and deliver value, and have sound pricing strategies. They also work closely with their customers, and take good care of them over time.

Integrity, Accountability, Continuous Improvement, Teamwork and Quality are timeless Values found in every successful organization. Recruiting and everyday coaching helps build a culture where every employee feels empowered to make decisions and contribute to company progress. All levels employees should be critical thinkers, and go all in."

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